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Carnegie Library

Mount Clemens Carnegie building was erected in 1904 and was the first Carnegie Library built in Macomb County. It is one of 1,681 such libraries across the United States financed by Andrew Carnegie, the industrialist and philanthropist. The columns, stairs, and large windows of this Neo-Classical design make the structure one of the distinguished public edifices in this vicinity. This site is part of the original land granted in 1811, private claim number 141, to Christian Clemens, founder of Mount Clemens. Initially used as a public library, this facility has an outstanding local history and geneology collection. In 1969 the Carnegie Building became the Art Center, a community based non-profit organization which fosters visual arts through exhibits, classes and tours in the area.
photo of Carnegie Library

Erected 1975

Location: 125 Macomb St
Mount Clemens, Macomb County

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Latitude: 42.599716, Longitude: -82.880160

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