St. John's Church

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St. John's Church

Constructed in 1857, St. John's is the oldest Catholic Church in Jackson and was the only church of this denomination in this city until 1901. Bishop Peter Paul LeFevre laid the cornerstone for this structure in 1856. St. John's began as a mission in 1836 and officially became a parish twenty years later. At that time Father Charles Moutard, the first resident pastor, led the congregation, then predominately Irish in origin. The potato famine of 1845 in Ireland forced thousands of Irish to the United States. Many of these immigrants settled in mining towns such as Jackson. During the early 1870's this edifice was enlarged, a school was added, and nuns first came here as workers and teachers. This church now contains people of many ethnic backgrounds. St. John's continues to serve the City of Jackson.
photo of St. John

Erected 1979

Location: 717 Cooper Street
Jackson, Jackson County

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Latitude: 42.253535, Longitude: -84.403773

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