First (Park) Congregational Church

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First (Park) Congregational Church

On September 18, 1836, twenty-two persons, founded one of the first Protestant congregations in Grand Rapids. Initially a Presbyterian parish, the church was reorganized under the Congregational polity in 1839. The congregation occupied a former Roman Catholic chapel from 1842 to 1869. The present brick Gothic structure, completed in 1869 is the second oldest existing church building in the city. Additions were made in 1916 and 1950. The church was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. (Original Marker)
photo of First (Park) Congregational Church

Erected 1985

Location: 10 East Park Place NE
Grand Rapds, Kent County

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Latitude: 42.963367, Longitude: -85.665993

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