First Presbyterian Church of Caro

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First Presbyterian Church of Caro

Twelve person organized the First Presbyterian Church of Caro in December 1878. The Reverend Edward P. Clark, the Presbyterian minister at Vassar, conducted the organizational meeting with the assistance of the Reverend R.P. Shaw of Bedford, Indiana. For the first year, this small group of Presbyterians held their worship and prayer services in the homes of members. Then, in 1880, they erected their first house of worship on Lincoln and Pearl streets. The present limestone and brick church was begun in 1902 and dedicated on December 13, 1903. It has had no structural alterations since construction. A regal structure, it features a corner tower and stained-glass windows.
photo of First Presbyterian Church of Caro

Erected 1985

Location: 215 North Almer
Caro, Tuscola County

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Latitude: 43.491224, Longitude: -83.397126

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