Trinity Episcopal Church

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Trinity Episcopal Church

Many of the Cornish miners, storekeepers and mining captains who immigrated to this area during the Copper Country mining boom (1842-1860) were Anglicans. On July 17, 1860, the Reverend Samuel A. McCoskry, Episcopal Bishop of Michigan, met with nine Houghton and Hancock businessmen to establish a parish. The group held its first public worship services on September 15, 1860. At its first vestry meeting on July 13, 1861, the name Trinity Church was adopted. The present Jacobsville sandstone church was completed in 1910. Located on the site of an earlier wooden church, the present building has an interior design influenced by the Oxford Movement. The sanctuary's attractive wood carvings are the handiwork of Aloysius Lang of Oberammergau.
photo of Trinity Episcopal Church

Erected 1987

Location: 200 Pewabic Street
Houghton, Houghton County

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Latitude: 47.121101, Longitude: -88.570642

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