First Baptist Church of St. Clair

Registered Site L1456

First Baptist Church of St. Clair

The Reverend E. K. Grout, pastor of the Baptist church in China Township, also held services in St. Clair's log courthouse. On November 5, 1848, Grout and seven other people organized a local congregation. Around 1852 the first meeting house was built here on land donated by the village board of supervisors. That church burned in 1870. The present Romanesque-inspired church was erected three years later. In 1974 citizens bought the church and gave it to the city of St. Clair for a community center.
photo of First Baptist Church of St. Clair

Erected 1991

Location: 308 South Fourth Street
St. Clair, Saint Clair County

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Latitude: 42.82323, Longitude: -82.488805

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