First Congregational Church

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First Congregational Church

The Congregationalist Church of Tyrone, grew out of the Methodist Episcopal church organized here in 1845. Itinerant ministers called circuit riders served what was then known as the Tyrone or Cranston Class. In 1874 the class split over where to build a new church. The faction that wanted a church in town reorganized in 1876 as Congregationalists under the leadership of the Reverend William H. Osborn of Hartland. Three years later the present church was built.
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This country church, built by Congregationalists in 1879, contains architectural elements popular during the Victorian era. The decorative bargeboard and finial on the vestibule peak and the gabled window caps add a touch of elegance to the otherwise modest building. By 1918 both the Methodist and Congregationalist churches in Tyrone faced financial difficulties and merged, forming a Presbyterian society in 1920. The new society continues to worship in this building.

Erected 1995

Location: 9141 Hartland, North of Center
Tyrone Township, Livingston County

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Latitude: 42.741682, Longitude: -83.744576

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