St.John the Baptist Church / Cemetery

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St.John the Baptist Church

Organized in 1855 to serve Irish Catholic immigrants, the parish of St.John the Baptist worshipped in a simple church on the Cowman farm until 1868. That year, the parish of seventy families built this church, which seated four hundred people. It was the largest church in Ionia County at that time. St. John's grew to include a cemetery (1884), a rectory (1907), a school (1917), aa convent (1927), which was razed in 1987 and a parish hall (1977).
photo of St.John the Baptist Church

St.John the Baptist Cemetery

Consecrated in 1884, St.John the Baptist Cemetery contains the graves of the Irish founders of the parish and their descendants. The burials date from 1875 and were moved from the original Catholic cemetery, located one mile west of here. The Roach, Welch, Hogan, Calahan and Connell families donated the land for the cemetery. At the entrance a shrine pays tribute to Father Eugene R. Fox, wwho served St. John's from 1938 to 1986.
photo of St.John the Baptist Cemetery

Erected 2001

Location: 324 S. Washington Rd
Hubbardston, Ionia County

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Latitude: 43.094055, Longitude: -84.840014

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