Angusdale Stock Farm

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Angusdale Stock Farm

A Milwaukee businessman, Cephas Buttles became aware of Lewiston through his brother-in-law David Kneeland, president of Kneeland and Bigelow Lumber Company. In 1901 Buttles purchased twenty-five thousand acres of cutover timber land and started the Home Colony Company, intent on populating the northern part of the Lower Peninsula. Buttles built the twelve-hundred acre Angusdale Stock farm in 1902 as a model for his company, and he featured photographs of it in his sales brochure. The promise of cheap fertile land and winter job opportunities at local mills lured former lumbermen, miners and immigrants -- primarily Scandinavians -- to the area. By the 1920s, however, the topsoil became depleted of nutrients and Lewiston's land boom ended.
photo of Angusdale Stock Farm

Erected 2004

Location: 8291 Buttles Rd.
Vienna Twp, Montmorency County

Lumber Industry

Latitude: 44.9598786, Longitude: -84.3134486

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