Muskegon Log Booming Company

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Muskegon Log Booming Company

Muskegon was the largest center of lumbering on lower Michigan's west coast. From the 1850's to the 1890's an immense amount of timber was floated to this port down the Muskegon River and its tributaries. In 1864 the Muskegon Booming Co. was formed to sort the logs and raft them to the mills. Here at the upper end of Muskegon Lake was the great storage boom where the logs, each identified by its owner's log mark, were sorted into pens as fast as they floated in. They were then chained together into rafts which were towed to the mills by the company's tugboats. In thirty years the company delivered over ten billion board feet of logs.
photo of Muskegon Log Booming Company

Position corrected based on recent visit by the Hiking Viking. My only excuse is the last time I visited there the first GPS satellite hadn't yet been launched.
Erected 1958

Location: Richards Park Old US-131
North Muskegon, Muskegon County

Lumber Industry

Latitude: 43.252392270, Longitude: -86.23538017

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