Selfridge Field

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Selfridge Field

Selfridge, Michigan's first real airport began operations as a training base in July, 1917. It has progressed to a leading role in America's air arm. It is often called "The Home of the Generals" because Selfridge has been a springboard to success in the careers of 145 Air Force generals. It is named for Lt. Thomas E. Selfridge, the nation's first military pilot. In 1908 he was killed while flying with Orville Wright, becoming America's first military casualty of powered fight.
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Located outside the Base Museum. Open Saturdays and Sundays.  Base pass required. You will need a driver's license,  registration, proof of insurance for your car, and an official document with your social security number.
Erected 1958

Location: M-59 east of I-94 near entrance to Air Museum
Harrison Township, Macomb County

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Selfridge Field
Selfridge Field
Selfridge Field

Latitude: 42.62809066575567, Longitude: -82.8295621227092

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