Historic Fort Mackinac

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Historic Fort Mackinac

Mackinac Island has been called the most historic spot in the Middle West. Fort Mackinac was first built by the British in 1780-81. It was not until 1796, thirteen years after the end of the Revolutionary War, that the British relinquished this fort to the Americans. At the outbreak of the War of 1812 the British seized the island and built Fort George. This fort, which you see to the north beyond the Rifle Range, was renamed Fort Holmes by the Americans who reoccupied the island in 1815. Troops garrisoned Fort Mackinac until 1895.
photo of Historic Fort Mackinac

Erected 1958

Location: Fort Street
Mackinac Island, Mackinac County

War of 1812

Latitude: 45.8525227, Longitude: -84.6180939

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