Knaggs Bridge Area

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Knaggs Bridge Area

Archaeological evidence indicates men lived in this area before the time of Christ. Chippewa Indians settled here sometime before 1790. Their village was called Kechewandaugoning, which is said to mean "Big Salt Lick." This was the birthplace of Okemos and the summer residence of Wasso, two of Michigan's best known Indian chiefs. Henry Bolieu, a trader, the first white settler, built a cabin here about 1817. When an Indian reservation was created in 1819, Peter Whitmore Knagg built a trading post here which he maintained for several years. Later, a relative, John Knaggs, operated a store and tavern at the same site until 1839. A bridge was first built here in 1838. In 1850, the reservation was opened to settlement. A dam, the remains of which can be seen, was built in 1856.
photo of Knaggs Bridge Area

Erected 1963

Location: Cole Road
Bancroft, Shiawassee County

Early Settlers
Native Americans

Latitude: 42.8607406, Longitude: -84.0310764

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