Mansion House & Survey Tree

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Mansion House & Survey Tree

Here, on high ground near the aged maple, an identification point in old surveys, stood the Mansion House built by William Macomb in 1783-84. He died in 1796 leaving Grosse Ile to his three sons. Michigan's Gov. William Hull and British Lt. Col. Jas. Grant met here Sept. 12, 1807 to discuss border problems. William Macomb II lived here from 1809 to 1813 when the British ordered him out of the territory. His wife and infant son fled in Nov. 1813 when Indians burned the house.
photo of Mansion House & Survey Tree

Erected 1964

Location: 20722 East River Road
Grosse Ile, Wayne County

Early Settlers

Latitude: 42.157591, Longitude: -83.137568

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