Lime Kilns

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Lime Kilns

These towers are the remains of kilns used by the White Marble Lime Company, founded by George Nicholson, Jr., in 1889. The kilns, which were fired by wood waste from the lumber industry, burned dolomite to produce quicklime for use as a building material and an ingredient in the manufacture of paper. As larger corporations were formed and the methods of producing lime were made more efficient, the company diversified; it established a sawmill and a shingle mill and became a dealer in forest products, as well as crushed stone, cement and builders' supplies. Its operations here and in Manistique and Blaney once employed some 250 men. In 1925 the company was reorganized as the Manistique Lime and Stone Company, and continued under that name until the Depression of 1929.
photo of Lime Kilns

Erected 1968

Location: North of US-2 on Gardapee Rd.
Manistique Township, Schoolcraft County

Business & Industry

Evidence indicates that this Marker is no longer in place.

Latitude: 45.9856314, Longitude: -86.1334562

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