Calumet Theatre

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Calumet Theatre

One of the first municipal theaters in America, the Calumet opened on March 20, 1900, "the greatest social event ever known in copperdom's metropolis." The theater contained a magnificent stage and elegant interior decorations, including an electrified copper chandelier. For over a decade, Copper Country audiences witnessed a broad panorama of American legitimate theater, and many prominent stage personalities, both American and European, trod the boards of the Calumet. By 1920s, motion pictures replaced live theater, and subsequently, live drama returned to the Calumet. The reopened community theater resumed its position as a focal point of civic pride for the people of Calumet and the Copper Country.
photo of Calumet Theatre

Erected 1973

Location: 340 Sixth St.
Calumet, Houghton County

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Latitude: 47.247107, Longitude: -88.453787

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