Crocker House

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Crocker House

The first mayor of Mount Clemens, Josua Dickinson, built this Italianate house in 1869. His daughter Katherine (1849-1882), the great-granddaughter of city founder Christian Clemens, and his son-in-law, George M. Crocker (1848-1918), moved into it after their marriage in 1870. Crocker, a former prosecuting attorney and justice of the peace became mayor upon Dickinson's death. The Crocker family owned the house until 1921. Originally located at the corner of Walnut and Market streets, the house was moved to New Street in 1908 to make room for a new post office. Slated for removal or demolition in 1975, it was rescued by the Macomb County Historical Society, which moved it to Union Street in 1976 for use a a local history museum.
photo of Crocker House

Erected 1988

Location: 15 Union St.
Mount Clemens, Macomb County

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Latitude: 42.598846, Longitude: -82.882017

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