Island House

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Island House

Constructed for Charles O'Malley about 1852, this building was one of the first summer hotels on Mackinac Island. Captain Henry Van Allen, a Great Lakes skipper, purchased the hotel in 1865. He later moved it from the beach to its present location. By the 1880s the Island House was known as "The best family hotel on the island." Following the death of her parents, Mrs. Rose Van Allen Webster became proprietor about 1892. She was the wife of Colonel John Webster, whom she had met during the 1870s when he was stationed at Fort Mackinac. Mrs. Webster added the large wings in 1895 and 1912, retaining ownership until her death in 1938. The Island House still serves as a resort hotel.
photo of Island House

Erected 1973

Location: Huron Street
Mackinac Island, Mackinac County

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Latitude: 45.850721756, Longitude: -84.61411356

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