Watrous General Store

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Watrous General Store

Aaron Watrous and his crew of loggers came here in 1852 to cut the virgin pine of the Cass River Valley. In 1860 he platted the town naming it Watrousville, and a few years later constructed this building as a general store. The flagpole in front is thought to have been erected during the 1864 presidential campaign. Watrous died in 1868, and in 1882 the building became the Juniata Township Hall. Since 1972 it has been a museum of the Watrousville-Caro Area Historical Society.
photo of Watrous General Store

Erected 1974

Location: 4607 West Caro Rd
Watrousville, Tuscola County

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Latitude: 43.451855755, Longitude: -83.52610766

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