Old Van Buren Township Hall

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Old Van Buren Township Hall

Van Buren Township was organized out of Huron Township by an act of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Michigan in 1835. Township business was conducted from homes until this building was completed in 1875. The original plans called for a one-story structure; however, shortly after construction began, the local Grange offered to pay for a second story to be used for its meetings. In a spirited election, township voters accepted the proposal. As the Grange declined in popularity, the second floor became a community meeting hall. For a short time during the 1930s, the basement served as a jail. In 1952 the Grange relinquished its portion to the township. The building served as the township hall until 1959.
photo of Old Van Buren Township Hall

Erected 1983

Location: 405 Main St
Belleville, Wayne County

Public Buildings

Latitude: 42.208357, Longitude: -83.490727

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