St. Mary's Hospital

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St. Mary's Hospital

The need for medical facilities in fast-growing Saginaw valley led Father Francis Van der Bom and Dr. Benjamin B. Ross to organize support for a hospital. It opened with the arrival of four Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul on August 22, 1874. The original frame house proved inadequate; in 1875 a new building was begun on this site and the hospital incorporated as St. Mary's. Its first patients were principally injured lumbermen. The staff devised a health insurance plan of $5 a year to raise funds. Over the years the hospital expanded and modernized to care for more patients as well as to provide an increasing variety of medical and educational facilities. As it moves into its second century St. Mary's anticipates a future of continued care and service.
photo of St. Mary

Erected 1974

Location: 830 South Jefferson
Saginaw, Saginaw County

Public Buildings

Latitude: 43.422077, Longitude: -83.939883

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