Saginaw Club

Registered Site L0290

Saginaw Club

Organized April 18, 1889, the club's membership was comprised of most of the leading business and civic figures of Saginaw. One of the first items of business was the preparation for a club house. Architect W.T. Cooper furnished plans, and ground was broken on July 1, 1889. Described as a monument to "enterprise, sagacity, and liberality." the club house was opened on May 29, 1890. The inaugural event was a full-dress ball attended by 800 guests. Only slightly modified from its original design, the Saginaw Club has graced the main street of town for over eight years.
photo of Saginaw Club

State register lists it as L0219 but plaque says L0290.
Erected 1974

Location: 219 North Washington
Saginaw, Saginaw County

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Latitude: 43.434655, Longitude: -83.938572

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