Johnston Homesite

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Johnston Homesite

In 1864, John McDougal Johnston, his wife Justine, and their six children homesteaded this island. His father was a famous Sault Ste. Marie fur trader and his mother was the daughter of an Ojibwa chief. He served as an interpreter for his brother-in-law, Henry R. Schoolcraft, the Indian agent. After twelve years on Rains Island, John and Justine moved to a farm near the Sault. Two children, Anna Marie, known as Miss Molly, and Howard remained to farm the homestead. In 1892 birch bark cabins were built on this site to house visitors. Miss Molly called the spot O-non-e-gwud, an Indian name for Happy Place. The land was given to the Neebish Pioneer Association in memory of the Bagnall family in 1974 to preserve as the Johnston Conservation Area.
photo of Johnston Homesite

Erected 1975

Location: Sailor's Encampment Rains Island
Neebish Island, Chippewa County

Early Settlers

Latitude: 46.24946, Longitude: -84.11076

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