Livonia Revolutionary War Veterans

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Livonia Revolutionary War Veterans

This marker commemorates three American Revolutionary War soldiers who lived and died in Livonia. David Dean was born in 1763 and enlisted in the New York militia in 1778. Dean settled in Livonia around 1836 where he died in 1838. A native of Connecticut, born in 1755, Salmon Kingsley belonged to a company of minutemen who aided in the defense of Boston. Kingsley came to Livonia in 1825 where he died two years later. Born in New York about 1763, Jeremiah Klumph was a messenger in Washington's army. Klumph lived in Livonia from 1836 until his death in 1855. These men were a few of the many Revolutionary veterans who settled in the west. All three journeyed with their families and settled in this area.
photo of Livonia Revolutionary War Veterans

Erected 1977

Location: Wayne and West Seven Mile
Livonia, Wayne County

Early Settlers

Latitude: 42.4258561, Longitude: -83.3947974

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