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The village of Perrinsville was established as a small commercial center during the 1830s. Abraham and Isaac Perrin started a successful sawmill where Merriman Road now crosses the Middle Rouge. Several businesses sprang up and the community became known as Perrinsville. About 1850 the village reached its peak of activity with flourishing enterprises on Ann Arbor Trail and Merriman Road. But a railroad built during this era by-passed Perrinsville to the south; in 1871 this railroad was intersected at what is now Wayne City by a line running from the north. Perrinsville's distance from these vital transportation lines led to its decline. It became an agricultural area. Absorbed by the city of Westland in 1966, one of Perrinsville's residential streets, a school and a store still exist.
photo of Perrinsville

Erected 1977

Location: Ann Arbor Trail East of Merriman
Westland, Wayne County

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Latitude: 42.3464604, Longitude: -83.3500528

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