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Purchasing one hundred sixty acres of farm land from the government, Elihu Gunnison, first settled on this site, originally known as Gunnison, in 1853. This settlement, which its inhabitants often called "four corners," had a general store owned and operated by Boyden Hubbard. After being appointed Postmaster, Hubbard opened the Gunnisonville Post Office in 1891 and operated in his store. In 1901 rural mail service was initiated in this vicinity, and the old post office was discontinued. In the spring of 1890 the townspeople established the community band which performed for religious, educational and social gatherings; the following year, a bandstand was erected. During the latter part of the decade the Gunnisonville band participated in several State Band Tournaments.
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The Gunnisonville School was initially a center for social, religious and educational activities. It served as a school for nearly a century and a quarter, first being established in 1836 and continuing to operate, though only as a kindergarten in latter years, until 1963. The present one room schoolhouse, the fourth to stand on this site was constructed in 1907. It was refurbished as a living educational museum by the joint efforts of the Gunnisonville Restoration Committee and the Lansing School District in 1975. The Methodist Episcopal Church, now the United Methodist Church, was organized in 1862. Seven years prior to this, the local cemetery was established. In 1888, the present church edifice was completed and dedicated on November 4.

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Location: Clark and Wood Roads
DeWitt, Clinton County

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Latitude: 42.8127967, Longitude: -84.5225214

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