Grosvernor House

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Grosvernor House

Completed in 1874, this structure of High Victorian Italianate design is one of the most magnificent residences in Michigan. The interior, an excellent example of a living museum of the 1870s, contains thirty-two rooms with twelve-foot ceilings. Other striking features are eight Italian marble fireplace each of a different color, walnut window valences with carved Egyptian heads and a sweeping balustrade staircase. Despite the fact that electricity was installed in 1915, this house still retains several gas-operated globe lights.
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Elijah E. Myers designed this residence for Oliver Grosvernor (1820-1910). An eminent Jonesville citizen and banker, Grosvernor was also a prominent Republican statesman. He served two terms as state senator and treasurer, one term as lieutenant governor, and seven years as a University of Michigan regent. He was also vice-president and presiding officer of the State Building Commission responsible for the erection of the Michigan State Capitol in 1874-1879, which Myers also designed.

Other Buildings designed by Elijah E. Myers
Erected 1978

Location: 211 Maumee Street
Jonesville, Hillsdale County

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Latitude: 41.982528, Longitude: -84.660573

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