William Hyser / Austerlitz Post Office

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William Hyser

William Hyser (1826 - 1909), pioneer surgeon and Civil War captain, came to Plainfield Township in 1850, when it was a lumber center. In 1852 he built this Greek Revival house as a home and an office for his medical and civic duties. He was at various times township clerk, school inspector and supervisor, and justice of the peace. The house has also served as a stagecoach station and a post office. In 1976 it was moved to its present site. The only remaining structure from the original Plainfield village, it is now restored as a museum.
photo of William Hyser

Austerlitz Post Office

Plainfield was first settled in 1838. Its post office, known as the Austerlitz office because there was a Plainfield post office elsewhere, was established in 1843. It was later housed in this structure for a short time. At first mail came by horse; in 1848 it began to come by stagecoach; and in 1876, by rail via nearby Belmont. In the days before envelopes, letters were folded and closed by sealing wax and other means. The Austerlitz office operated until 1913 when it was consolidated into the one at Belmont.

Erected 1981

Location: 6440 West River Rd
Plainfield, Kent County

Civil War
Early Settlers

Latitude: 43.0640281, Longitude: -85.5919075

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