Maple River

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Maple River

In the 1837 four couples came to this area, known as Maple River, from Oakland County to claim their newly purchased acreage. They were soon followed by a dozen families. These pioneer farmers chose this vicinity because the very fertile land was well adapted for grazing and crop production. The community church and octagonal schoolhouse were designed and built under the guidance of the Reverend George M. Reynolds, son of one of the pioneer settlers. Soon after several farm houses of Greek Revival design were constructed and the cemetery was established. Mr. Reynolds served for many years as minister of the church as was also the first teacher when the school opened in 1850. Several of the original settlers still reside in this area.
photo of Maple River

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Location: East Bennington at Colby
Shiawassee Township, Shiawassee County

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Latitude: 42.9373702, Longitude: -84.1437506

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