Masonic and Town Hall

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Masonic and Town Hall

The Sanilac Masonic Lodge was organized in 1868. In 1863 lodge members and township officials agreed to build a combined township and Masonic hall on land donated by Christopher Odfield, a Mason. The foundation was built with three-foot-thick wall to provide refuge from future forest fires. When the cornerstone was laid on July 1, 1884, crowds turned out for the event, which was highlighted by Masonic ritual. The building was completed the following year. At the turn of the twenty-first century, the hall retained its fanciful Late Victorian brickwork and interior plan used by both the township and the Masons. The Masonic and town hall is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
photo of Masonic and Town Hall

Erected 2002

Location: 20 N. Ridge St.
Port Sanilac, Sanilac County

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Latitude: 43.4314623, Longitude: -82.5423628

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