Oak Grove Cemetery

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Oak Grove Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery, established in May 1845, was formally named in May 1871. When it was officially designated as the township cemetery, the remains from the area's "old burying ground." begun on the corner of Mill and Washington streets in 1832, were moved to it. Elizur Ruggles, Milford's first white settler, and veterans of the War of 1812 and the Civil War are buried here. The site has an early potter's field near the Huron River. The cemetery vault, built to thwart grave robbers and provide a place to store remains during hard winters, dates back to 1885. In 1980 the vault was restored and a new fieldstone entrance was built. The original cemetery, which covered 12.76 acres, has over the years expanded to encompass 15.6 acres.
photo of Oak Grove Cemetery

Erected 1981

Location: 1055 Garden Street
Milford, Oakland County

Civil War
War of 1812

Latitude: 42.580743, Longitude: -83.59089

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