Comstock Cabin

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Comstock Cabin

Elias Comstock was the first pioneer to erect a permanent residence in Owosso. He moved here in 1836. Comstock was a merchant, school teacher, justice of the peace, township supervisor, judge and county clerk. This one-room structure was built for him in the mid-1830s. Though the cabin has been moved three times (the last in 1969), the original logs are still intact. It is now located just north of the Comstock homesite. Funds raised by the Owosso Bicentennial Committee help maintain the cabin and surrounding grounds.
photo of Comstock Cabin

Erected 1980

Location: Curwood Castle Drive
Owosso, Shiawassee County

Early Settlers

Latitude: 42.9988408, Longitude: -84.1750574

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