Oliver C. Comstock Jr.

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Oliver C. Comstock Jr.

Oliver C. Comstock Jr. served as the state's third superintendent of public instruction (1843 - 45). In 1847 he was one of the abolitionists who prevented Kentucky slaveholders taking the fugitive slave family of Adam Crosswhite. In 1848 he and several prominent Marshall citizens were convicted and fined for conspiracy to harbor fugitives. Comstock was superintendent of the construction of the Michigan Central Railroad between Jackson and Kalamazoo and a founder of the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society.
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Oliver C. Comstock Jr. (1806 - 1895) built this Gothic Revival house between 1849 and 1856. Comstock, born in Fairfield, New York, migrated to the Marshall area in 1836. He left a well established medical practice in Trumansburg, New York, to start anew on the Michigan frontier. Later that year he erected the first brick business building in Calhoun County on Exchange Street. It housed his pharmacy and office.

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Location: 203 South Marshall Avenue
Marshall, Calhoun County

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Latitude: 42.270943, Longitude: -84.954273

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