Colony Tower

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Colony Tower

Built in 1825 by the Chicago Bridge and Iron Works, this steel-framed water tower was the main water supplier for the "The Colony on the Ste. Claire"; - a secluded residential community established in Clay Township in the early 1920s. The Colony Tower marked the entrance to the Will St. John estate, the home of the real estate developer who founded The Colony subdivision. The 136-foot tower once housed a 60,000-gallon water tank. Constructed with curtain walls and steel plates to resemble a lighthouse, it demonstrates the early twentieth-century penchant for disguising the utilitarian functions of highly visible structures. A light shone from atop the tower, aiding boat and aircraft navigation from 1925 until 1937, when it the light was extinguished due to its high operating costs.
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Dedication ceremony
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Erected 1993

Location: 6503 Dyke Rd.
Clay Township, Saint Clair County

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Latitude: 42.63222, Longitude: -82.61558

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