Roseland Park Mausoleum

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Roseland Park Mausoleum

The Roseland Park Mausoleum was the largest public mausoleum in the United States when it was dedicated in 1914. Designed by Detroit architect Louis Kamper (1861-1953), the classically inspired, two-story building contains 1,300 crypts. Before designing this facility, Kamper traveled to Europe to study noted mausoleums there. The interior of the building is faced with Vermont marble and classically detailed with double-tier Doric columns in the entrance lobby and in the main hall. Skylights enhance its lighting.
photo of Roseland Park Mausoleum

Erected 1986

Location: Woodward and Twelve Mile Road
Royal Oak, Oakland County


Latitude: 42.504273, Longitude: -83.175846

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