Mineral Well

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Mineral Well

In 1890, Alf Clark, who hoped to find oil at this site, found instead mineral water. Baths or drinks of Clark's Red Cross Electric Mineral Water were said to cure many maladies. By 1893 the Big Rapids Mineral Water Company was marketing the water on the East Coast and using it in its bath house on West Maple. In 1896, having changed its name to Natural Medicinal Water, the firm built a bandstand next to the bath house. Twenty warm, soothing mineral baths coast five dollars. The water was bottled in a plant on North State Street.
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Mineral Well

The 1905 prospectus of the Yo-Landa Mineral Springs Company envisioned using Clark's mineral water in soft drinks, automobile anti-freeze and curative drinks. But scientific medicine exemplified by the Ferris State College of Pharmacy, which opened in 1893, was beginning to challenge elixirs. In 1912, the last local effort to market Clark's water failed. Its plant became Pioneer Publication's home in 1871, and in 1979 the well site became part of Ferris State, whose offerings include degrees in pharmacy, optometry and allied health.

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Location: 14342 Northland Dr
Big Rapids, Mecosta County

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Latitude: 43.675415, Longitude: -85.483379

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