Valley City Milling Company

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Valley City Milling Company

In 1884, William N. Rowe, Conrad Swensberg, M. S. Crosby and R. M. Lawrence founded the Valley City Milling Company in Grand Rapids. The company, which at first milled flour, expanded to include horse feed in 1893. Incorporated in 1894, it remained in Grand Rapids until 1923, when fire destroyed its facilities. In 1924 the company moved to Portland. It began producing dog food in 1931. Company brands included Lily White Flour, Rowena Dog Diets, Rowena Quality Feeds, and Rolling Champion Self-rising Flour. Manufacture of commercial feed and dog food ceased in 1958. The company continued to make flour until it sold its flour brands to a Nebraska firm in 1970. In 1973 the Valley City Milling Company opened a mobile home park in Portland.
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Erected 1986

Location: Front and Fulton Streets
Grand Rapids, Kent County

Business & Industry

Latitude: 42.9640543, Longitude: -85.6770086

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