Detroit Association of Women's Clubs

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Detroit Association of Women's Clubs

Detroit Association of Colored Women's Clubs was organized on April 8, 1921, with eight clubs. This association reached its peak membership in 1945 with 73 clubs and 3,000 members. Affiliated with the Michigan and National Associations of Colored Women's Clubs, the Detroit association fosters educational, philanthropic and social programs. The association was incorporated in 1941. That same year, supported by a mortgage on its president's home, the association purchased the present clubhouse, a handsome Colonial Revival style structure. The club members completely paid for the clubhouse in less than five years. The association sponsors girls' clubs, scholarships, annual clothing drives for needy school children and charitable programs for seniors and the dispossessed. Its motto is "Lifting as We Climb."
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Erected 1986

Location: 5461 Brush Street
Detroit, Wayne County

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