Holly's Town Hall

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Holly's Town Hall

Holly's Town Hall has been a center of community activity since it was built in 1892. Holly Township in Oakland County was formally organized in 1838, and the village of Holly was incorporated in 1865. The two local governments decided to join efforts in building a town hall after their nearby rival, Fenton in Genesee County, erected a hall in the late 1880s. Township voters approved the idea in 1889; village voters in 1890. The two governments shared equally in the planning and funding of the $3,000 project. The hall has been used for municipal offices, a fire station, a jail, a polling place and as a setting for social, cultural and political gatherings. Village offices remained here until 1858; township offices, until 1982.
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Erected 1985

Location: 102 Front Street
Holly, Oakland County

Public Buildings

Latitude: 42.79306, Longitude: -83.63258

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