White Lake Cemetery

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White Lake Cemetery

This cemetery was established by Robert Garner when his nine-month-old child, Mary, died in 1837. White Lake Road, which runs past it, was once an Indian trail. Garner, a pioneer of White Lake Township, was involved in the establishment of the First Presbyterian Church of White Lake and was the superintendent of a pioneer sabbath school in White Lake. Buried in the cemetery are many of the pioneer families of the township, including the Garners, Seeleys and Voorheises. Also buried here are twenty-eight Civil War veterans and just over forty veterans of succeeding wars. In 1856 the cemetery was formally deeded to the Board of Health of White Lake Township.
photo of White Lake Cemetery

Erected 1987

Location: 6190 White Lake Rd
White Lake Township, Oakland County

Civil War

Latitude: 42.6922657, Longitude: -83.5324752

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