Alpine Township Hall

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Alpine Township Hall

In 1847, Alpine Township was set apart from Walker Township at a meeting held in a schoolhouse in present-day Comstock Park. Edward Wheeler was elected supervisor. Subsequent meetings were held in a log school one-half mile east of here on the Wheeler farm. In 1855, Wheeler deeded a parcel of land adjacent to this site to the township for the establishment of a cemetery. Around 1860 this hall was built at the geographic center of the township to house the area's governmental and community activities. The Grange, organized by local farmers in 1874, met here until 1878 when they built their own hall one mile west of here. In 1961 a new township office was erected and this structure was vacated. The township restored the hall in 1987. Two years later it opened as a museum.
photo of Alpine Township Hall

Erected 1990

Location: Seven Mile and Walker Rd
Alpine Township, Kent County

Public Buildings

Latitude: 43.0728261, Longitude: -85.7294726

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