Cobbs and Mitchell Mill No.1

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Cobbs and Mitchell Mill No.1

In June 1871, Cadillac's first sawmill began to operate on this site. Originally called the Pioneer Mill, it was built by Indiana resident, John R. Yale. Jonathan W. Cobbs bought the mill in 1872 and took William W. Mitchell as his partner in lumbering operations on Lake Cadillac. The mill was then renamed Cobbs and Mitchell Mill No.1. Enlarged several times, the mill cut pine, maple and later other hardwoods. By 1885 the mill was a major contributor to Cadillac's lumber production, having cut 5,679,000 feet of lumber. By 1940, it was Cadillac's only remaining sawmill. When it was razed that year, material salvaged from it was used to build an addition for the Wood Parts Company.
photo of Cobbs and Mitchell Mill No.1

Erected 1987

Location: 329 South Street
Cadillac, Wexford County

Business & Industry

Latitude: 44.245209, Longitude: -85.398309

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