Bingham District No. 5 Schoolhouse

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Bingham District No. 5 Schoolhouse

This school was erected in 1877 to replace a log structure built in 1870. The school has two rooms that housed grades one through eight. Older children attended school in Suttons Bay or Traverse City. Sunday school classes met here until 1888 when an Evangelical church was built across the road. Bingham prospered during the lumber booms of the 1870s and 1880s. By 1910 area timber was depleted, and Bingham's population declined. This building served as a school until after World War II. It has been used as the township hall for many years. In 1987 the school was restored to its original appearance. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
photo of Bingham District No. 5 Schoolhouse

Erected 1993

Location: 7171 S. Center Rd.
Bingham Township, Leelanau County

World War II

Latitude: 44.8752747, Longitude: -85.6742191

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