Cannon Township Hall

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Cannon Township Hall

The state legislature organized Cannon Township as "Churchtown" in 1846. At the first town meeting, held in 1848, it was renamed Cannon, after Cannonsburg, the largest village. The earliest land claims date from 1835. Families began settling permanently in 1839. Zebulon Rood purchased 240 acres of land in 1840 and built Cannon's first house, a log structure. He also cut the first road, making it possible to transport goods across Bear Creek. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the production of wheat, wool, corn, apples and other fruits supported the economy. This building served as the township hall from 1890 until 1987, when it became the Cannon Historical Museum.
photo of Cannon Township Hall

Erected 2002

Location: 8045 Cannonsburg Rd
Cannon Twp, Kent County

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Latitude: 43.0538217, Longitude: -85.4690676

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