Bridgewater Town Hall

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Bridgewater Town Hall

Bridgewater Township was set off from Hixon Township in 1832. The remainder became Manchester Township in 1837. By 1850 there were two settlements, River Raisin and Bridgewater. Each had a railroad station and a post office. The River Raisin community no longer exists. In 1856 the first town hall opened on this site and was also used for "moral and scientific lectures and for funerals." The present hall was built in 1882 and has been in continuous use as the site of township meetings, elections and social functions.
photo of Bridgewater Town Hall

Erected 1989

Location: 10990 Clinton Road
Bridgewater Township, Washtenaw County

Public Buildings

Latitude: 42.1228323, Longitude: -83.9682912

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