Saint Francis Hospital

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Saint Francis Hospital

When John and Horace Dodge expanded their Hamtramck automotive factory in 1914, thousands of workers migrated to this area creating the need for a local hospital. In 1927 the city built this Georgian Revival structure and opened it as Hamtramck Municipal Hospital. Mayor Stephen Majewski invited the Sisters of Saint Francis to run the facility. In 1931 the sisters leased the hospital building from the the city for one dollar a year and renamed it Saint Francis Hospital. At Saint Francis Hospital, Hamtramck's Polish residents could discuss their their health concerns with Polish-speaking medical staff. The hospital closed in 1969 and the building was converted into Hamtramck City Hall.
photo of Saint Francis Hospital

Erected 2000

Location: 3401 Evaline
Hamtramck, Wayne County

Public Buildings

Latitude: 42.399159, Longitude: -83.052498

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