Quincy Public Library

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Quincy Public Library

In 1906, Quincy businessman Charles W. Bennett and steel entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie both offered to build a library in Quincy Township. Carnegie required that the township provide the land and name the building after him. Bennett's only stipulation was that his name not appear on the building. He agreed to provide in his will both land and funds for the library. Upon the sudden death of Bennett's son construction of the library began ahead of schedule in March 1910.
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Dedicated on November 1, 1910, this building represents the generosity of two Quincy citizens, Charles W. Bennett and Quincy State Bank president Melvin S. Segur. Segur gave the funds necessary to begin construction immediately after the sudden death of Bennett's son, Charles A. Bennett. The elder Bennett wished the library to be built as a memorial to his son. The township was given title to both the land and the building and has provided for the maintenance of both since that time.

Erected 1989

Location: 11 North Main
Quincy, Branch County

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Latitude: 41.944772, Longitude: -84.884021

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