Alton Pioneer Village

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Alton Pioneer Village

In the early 1830s the settlement known as Alton grew up in this vicinity. A log schoolhouse, the first in the township, was built on this corner in 1839. In 1842, Gideon Hendricks and Newcomb Godfrey organized the Christian Church Society, and in 1868 the society built this structure. The honorable Walter White, justice of the peace for the village, served as the area's first postmaster from 1851 to 1866. W. H. Keech and his wife Jenny, (Carver), ran the general store that later served as the post office.
photo of Alton Pioneer Village

Erected 1988

Location: Three Mile and Lincoln Lake roads
Vergennes Township, Kent County

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Latitude: 43.0168856, Longitude: -85.3511095

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