Mouth Cemetery

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Mouth Cemetery

The earliest identified grave in this cemetery, the oldest burial ground in White River Township, dates from 1851. According to an 1850 deed, however there were graves here prior to that time. Seventy-six nineteenth century burials are marked, although remnants of wooden crosses found on the site may have indicated other graves. Many of the area's pioneers are interred here including William Robinson, the first keeper of the White River Light, who died in 1919, and Quismoqua Anderson, an Ottawa woman who died at age 110 years in 1897.
photo of Mouth Cemetery

Drive back to the cemetery is not for the faint of heart.
Erected 1994

Location: 1/4 mi N of Old Channel on Indian Bay then West on Sunset Ln.
White River Township, Muskegon County


Latitude: 43.3862126, Longitude: -86.4219760

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