Manistee Fire Hall

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Manistee Fire Hall

In early October 1888, the Manistee City Council hired Frederick Hollister of Saginaw, the architect of Manistee's principle school, to design a fire hall to replace the original station, which was constructed in 1872 - 1873 on Filer Street. Later that month the Manistee Democrat predicted that the city's new fire hall would be "a model of convenience and usefulness." Constructed of brick, cut-stone and French plate glass and trimmed with galvanized iron, this Romanesque Revival-style building was constructed by the local firm of Brownrigg and Reynolds at a cost of $7,516. The dome is covered with copper. The hall opened in June 1889 when Manistee's first "fire truck," a horse-drawn steam engine, was brought from the original hall.
photo of Manistee Fire Hall

Erected 1990

Location: 281 First Street
Manistee, Manistee County

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Latitude: 44.245687, Longitude: -86.316345

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